Twilight Images: A Haunting Journey of Suspense

I recently had the opportunity to read and review Twilight Images: A Haunting Journey of Suspense by Ethel Lewis. I give it 4.5 out of 5 😉 I really liked it. The name and plot description really got me and I enjoyed the book overall. Plus: The story was intriguing and it was really easy to imagine yourself in the book experiencing everything along with the characters, which I really loved. The only thing that kept me from being able to 5 star it is that for me personally, I thought it was a little too descriptive in parts. I’m one of those readers that doesn’t want a paragraph long description of a place, I want a short description and then get right to the plot lol. But that’s a personal preference thing and I’m sure some people would love the descriptiveness!
Anyway, I think it is definitely worth a read! You can find it at Amazon for just 99 cents! You can’t beat that, right?

A Delicious Mistake is now live and 99 cent promo!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my newest book, A Delicious Mistake, is now live on Amazon 🙂 The normal price is $2.99, but I’m running an introductory promotion where it will be just 99 cents starting this evening and lasting at least 3 days 😉 A Delicious Mistake is not only a steamy romance, but it’s also an interesting mystery as well. There’s plenty of suspense, mystery, hot love scenes, as well as vivid descriptions of the beautiful Serengeti. I hope you enjoy!

Sorry guys, didn’t realize you have to wait 30 days before Amazon allows a 99 cent promo 🙁 So that has been rescheduled BUT it will run for a full week! Sept 29th through Oct 6th A Delicious Mistake will be just 99 cents! So hopefully that makes up for my booboo!


So through one of my Google+ groups, I saw a fellow author post a link to his Thunderclap campaign. So I thought, what the heck is Thunderclap? Well, it’s a site kind of like crowd funding but for social media. People “support” your campaign simply by sharing a tweet or Facebook post about it. That’s it! Free, quick, and easy. But it gets your book, website, link, product, or whatever seen by thousands of people! So I thought, cool, gotta try this 🙂
Here’s my link:

If I can get at least 100 people to support me within the next 2 weeks, I get the link sent to a LOT of people! So please, take a second and click. Thanks 🙂

GoFundMe Campaign

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have launched a GoFundMe Campaign. I’m sure everyone knows that a best selling book is about a lot more than just the writing. It also takes talented editors, first rate cover design, and lots of marketing to make a book a success! Thus, I’m seeking funding so that I may continue to publish the highest quality books possible. You can see the campaign by clicking the blue button below. Please feel free to share with anyone you know 🙂