Name my next novel contest!

How would you like to name my next novel? I’m pleased to announce that I am making a foray into the YA fiction genre and have just completed the first book in what will be a series 🙂 The novel is written, edited, and cover design is in progress. There’s one small problem. It doesn’t have a title yet 😮

That’s where I thought you guys (and gals) could come in. Below I’m going to post a summary of what the book is about. Then today through March 1st, I’ll be accepting ideas for what to title it! So if you have any suggestions, send them to [email protected] and on March 2nd, I’ll announce winners and give out prizes. What is the prize? Well, whoever’s title gets chosen will have one character’s name changed to their name and they’ll win a free advanced copy of the new book! They’ll also get a mention in the acknowledgements section of the book 😉 You can also choose a copy of any other Roselyn Jewell book if you don’t want the YA one, but I’m hoping you’ll want to both try the new book and also have a copy of the title you helped name, plus see your name in the acknowledgements and on a character 🙂

Summary of book:

This is a YA fiction novel, set in a society where much of the world’s population was wiped out by a pandemic. There are also a very high % of people in this society that have what is called The Roving, which is essentially ADHD.  In an effort to focus people’s attention and repopulate the world, the heads of all countries got together and developed one government run society. The government controls everything, from the food you eat to the clothes you wear, even who you can date and then who you are paired up with and expected to marry. At the age of 17, you can select your top 5 choices for a career path and who you’d like to be paired with. Then there’s a big ceremony where it is announced who is paired together and what careers everyone is given, in addition to where they’ll live. You must take the choices assigned to you and after 5 years you can request a change. The first year you spend living in quarters with other 17 year olds from other areas. There is a living quarters for guys and another for girls. You’re strongly encouraged to go on dates with the member of the opposite sex that you’re paired with, then at the end of that first year you’re strongly encouraged to marry them and begin having kids.

You have a government assigned career path, which you work at 40 hours per week. Beyond that, you can take on extra jobs for what’s called luxury dollars, redeemable for non-healthy foods and non-nation issued clothing, etc. The government feels like this is the perfect society because no one should ever want for anything. This book primarily focuses on a 17 year old girl who is not happy with her romantic pairing assignment or her career assignment. She has to move away from her family and the only friends she’s ever known and during her first year in the living quarters, she finally learns and accepts who she is, which is different from what society considers proper. Her and the friends she develops start to question whether this society is really as perfect as they’re led to believe. There’s a mystery that goes on as well and will span at least 2 books before reaching its final conclusion.

LGBT issues are very prominent in this book. In this new society, gay marriage is not legal, nor is it exactly illegal. It’s basically treated as if it doesn’t exist. Of course it does exist, but people in that situation don’t know what to do and are often extremely fearful of anyone finding out. This is one of the main struggles the main character faces.

The mystery element is that someone is making illegal videos and selling them on the black market. The black market is not supposed to exist in this society either so the characters are surprised to realize that it does exist and that even in a so called perfect society, crime still exists.

I can’t wait to read everyone’s ideas! Good luck 🙂


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