White Swans: A Regency World by Annamaria Bazzi

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to participate in the book tour for White Swans: A Regency World by Annamaria Bazzi.  I’m happy to have had the chance to read this book and I happily give it a 5 out of 5!

6640787To start off, as you can see, the cover is absolutely beautiful and gives you a very clear image to start off with of the main character, Kendika.

The book itself, in my opinion, is very well written, a good length at 268 pages, and the story definitely sucked me in early on and held my attention throughout (which can be hard to do!). I didn’t totally know what to expect from this book before I started reading but I was really pleased to find that this book has many layers of depth to it and I would say it could fit into multiple categories. Now personally, the topic of aliens usually freaks me out. However, the concept in this book was definitely a unique take on it and I thought it was very well done. It wasn’t scary or freaky to me, it was just interesting and suspenseful. Plus, the ending left it on kind of a cliffhanger, so I look forward to seeing the next book in the series and finding out what comes next 🙂

I also wanted to mention that this book was edited very well. I didn’t catch many, if any, typos, so for me that’s a big plus because I was able to not be distracted and just concentrate on the reading and immersing myself into this world. Which brings me to my last point. To me, one way to tell a great book from a good book is if you truly feel like the characters come alive for you and you really feel like you are right there in the book, living out their journey with them. This book definitely did that for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

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